PP # 17011

All Time Alert Security (ATAS) is a growing security company with hope of reaching entire world in the industries. The size of the customer varies to small and large industries in the globe. ATAS employment is without discrimination. Our aspiration is to reach the entire global with hope of servicing customers that needs our services.

We protect homes, airport, construction site, hospitals shopping center/retail shop mauls, high rise building, gated community, hotel, warehouse and manufacturing facilities, business parks, chemical/distilling plants, Fire watch service, Detex Guard Monitoring system

We provides security services to entire California states for a FREE QUOTE click or call us at 323-667-6947

To provide highest levels of services we make sure our security guards are well drain for the job, and to adapt any condition. Our service covers different languages because of diversified workforce the company maintain.

ATAS work with the customers to provide level of security needed, for each location where the company is entrusted to service.

Our unique approach to security management enables us to venture and reach the peak for solving any situation before it becomes problem. The company is truly aware that communication is the best way of achieving excellent goals. 

Mission statement

ATAS mission is to meet the needs of our client to the best possible means and channels our services to reach every individual at our concern. ATAS is always alert just as the name implies we are 100% alert to satisfy our customers.

ATAS maintains certain principle and the company believe that the principle will earns us continuous success as our humble services remain with our customers.

Quality service is our primary goal, ATAS provides quality services to our customer without stress our customers for the cost. 


We maintain security ethics and adhere to industrial rules and regulation. Respect to our client is our major concern

Scope of Service

ATAS is ready to reach any part of the state with unique service delivery, as we offers

Well groom security guards,

Experience Guard wit x police and military experiences

Oriented to security service work

Well train and instructed Guard with supervisor