Schools Security

In recent years, we have seen an upsurge in shooting violence. You won’t go very long before you hear about such an incident occurring again. All Time Alert Security Services is offering premium school security services for several years. Our school security plan focuses on a proactive and not just only on reactive approach. We make sure that the right security services are being offered to protect the students and school premises from any harm. 

Moreover, school campuses are supposed to be places where students come to study and play a part in sports activities, theatre, music, and much more. We wish that the students come to school and focus only on their studies and not worry about anything else.


We offer professional school security guards that provide a strong visible security presence with their professional appearance. However, they also possess years of experience in providing security and know how to handle every type of situation. Also, it is a fact that school administration has started to give high priority to securing their premises.

Further, we give rigorous training to our security guards, which includes identifying what signs to look out for that would alert them before a criminal act or vandalism can occur. Also, we keep a close eye on the campus, patrol the campus and surrounding areas. This ensures a high presence of security that helps in deterring crime. So, we feel proud that we have successfully secured several schools in all these years.


Efficient Public and Private School Security Services

We offer security services for both public and private ones. In addition, we provide security for preschools that might need simple patrolling after care hours in the evenings. It is to make certain the campus has a security presence in the times you want it the most.

Moreover, we provide free quotes that are without any hidden charges. Our security plan depends on the size of the school, number of students, number of faculty members, entrances to the school, and exits. So, these are some of the factors that we look for in our campus security assessment.

What Security Solutions We Provide?

Further, our specialists’ security guards offer comprehensive security solutions to develop safe and secure surroundings for students, staff, and faculty. So these security solutions include:

24 hours monitoring by using CCTV cameras

Access Control Services

Bicycle patrol

Analyzing The Building

Reporting Of Daily Activity

Emergency evacuation

Escorting the visitors and students

Improving the site security plan frequently

What Approach Do We Focus In Educational Institutions Security Services?

Moreover, At All-Time Alert Security Services, we comprehend that maintaining an educational institution’s security is quite tough. Due to this reason, we always strive to select the best and competent personnel with effective security strategies. So we can provide effective security to  your staff, students, instructors, and school’s infrastructure.

Why Our School Security Services Are Different?

Highly trained security guards

Efficient and proper security plans

Deterring crimes and violence on the site

Prevent trespassing and unauthorized access

Risk evaluation methods for any risks or threats

Lessening operational costs

Custom-made security services

Averting potential risks and dangers

Prompt alarm response

Friendly behavior with students, staff, and visitors

Years of experience in offering security solutions

Incident Free Security Services

Assure ultimate peace of mind for students, staff, and parents

Closely work with management to tackle issues accordingly

So, this is the reason why All Time Alert Security Services proves to be your trustworthy security partner for the security of every type of educational institution. If you have decided to hire our security services for education institution security, call us at 1-323-667-6947 for a free quote. You can also contact us through e-mail at Info@alltimealertsecurityservices.com. Our representative will get your security requirements and plan your security services accordingly.

Also, we assure you 100% customer satisfaction and achieve and exceed your expectations. We only provide the highest standard service and nothing less than that. So get in touch with us now!