Unarmed Security

Making an investment in security guards is usually the first step that all businesses take to make their premises more secure. CCTV cameras and locks are crucial for keeping your premises, belongings, or residents safe. However, these security methods are passive ones. Unarmed security guards are proficient in that they can avert criminal activity and observe loopholes in your security and help solve them. This makes it one of the best choices for any business that doesn’t want to be passive when it comes to their security. Moreover, unarmed guards:

1. Professionally trained

2. Prevent crimes before they can occur

3. Possess a high level of training to react to a risk posed to your

Unarmed guards are the proper way for several businesses or residences that
don’t require the extra security offered by armed guards. This is the main step
that is crucial to improve your security. Unarmed guards offer an excellent
standard service at the same time as keeping you and your business or
belongings safe.

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Security Services Guards Are Highly Trained

We realize that a variety of businesses and people might be in need of unarmed guards. This is the reason why we have guards available for you andmeet all of our clients’ needs. These guards are an essential facet of security guards. Further, we possess the best guards in the business for one reason. Wegive utmost importance to our hiring and recruitment methods. Everything we do begins with our guards, and due to this reason, we make certain to hire exceptional guards and provide them with ongoing training.

Moreover, we hire only the best and nothing less than that. Due to this reason, you can trust us to protect you and your business. Our hiring processes are some of the most rigorous within the business, and we make sure that your security is taken care of at all times.

Benefits Of
Hiring Unarmed Security Guards

There are a number of benefits that unarmed security guards can provide to

you and to your business.

Professionally Trained

We only possess a team of highly trained security guards. So you can trust us knowing that your security is in the professional hands. Our guards are given ongoing rigorous training in utilizing the latest techniques and weapons, and we ensure that your security is taken care of at all times.

Security Issues

With the passage of time, crimes are increasing in any location. This is where the security guard comes to the rescue. They possess the capability to monitor situations and events to identify several security threats. After they discover a threat to security, they are able to deal with it swiftly and decisively. Security threats can vary from broken gates to unauthorized people coming into the property/location. All of this may be a threat to the safety of the individuals on the premises.


While there may be a possibility that a guard will intrude, but wrongdoers will move on and proceed with their criminal activities somewhere else. A guard assists in keeping people on their best behavior. They don’t have to do anything; they simply need to be present and seen to assist anyone on their best behavior.

Quick Response

Having a security guard on-site is the best way to make certain that you have a prompt response when an emergency does appear at your premises. They are there and can provide assistance at once. Without the security guards team, you are stuck with extra 6-10 minutes for emergency response.

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